Buying Uniforms:

Second hand uniforms are available for purchase from the cupboard in the hall. We work on an honesty system. The prices are listed inside the cupboard doors. You can pay straight into the H&S bank account, or by credit card here. Prices are as below.

  • Polo shirt: $3.00
  • Sweatshirt: $5.00
  • Polar fleece Jacket: $5.00
  • Trousers: $3.00
  • Shorts $2.00
  • Culottes $5.00
  • Dresses $7.00
  • Tights / Leggings $1.00
  • Hats $3.00
  • Other, misc $1.00

Donating Uniforms:

We happily accept any items of the North Loburn (official) uniform in good used condition. Please hand them in to the office, or contact one of the Home and School Committee members. We will wash and sort them into the uniform cupboard.